Educational Pricing Offers

What is educational pricing?


Barcode Essentials Solution 7.6 & 8.0 educational pricing is available to eligible schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutions in the U.S who hold current SymEd agreements with Symantec.

At this time educational pricing is only available to customers who hold current SymEd agreements, and only when purchasing Barcode Essentials 7.6 or 8.0 device licenses. Previous Barcode Essentials versions do not offer educational discounts.

Barcode Essentials product features are identical between educational and other buying programs, and licenses are still per device rather than per user or per concurrent user.

Educational pricing provides 5% off the order total of any combination of subscription and standalone licenses, volume and crossgrade discounts are applied.

Pricing example

You require:

          •  15 subscription licenses for Barcode Essentials 7.6 or 8.0

You own:

          •  8 device licenses for Barcode Essentials 7.1- 7.5, AND

          •  7 nodes of Symantec Barcode Solution

Using the License Cost Estimator your order subtotal inclusive of volume and crossgrade discounts is $7,152.00.

After 5% educational discount your final order total is $6,794.40.



To receive educational discounts, you must supply these documents when placing an order:

A copy of your
SymEd agreement*

Confirming your institution name and contract address.

A copy of your
SymEd certificate

Confirming your agreement serial number and expiry,

* Also known as Academic Subscription Program Agreement