License Migration

Migrate your Barcode Essentials™ licenses if you have changed or upgraded your Symantec server.

About Migration



You should migrate your Barcode Essentials device licenses if:

  • your Symantec server hardware has changed, or
  • you have upgraded your Symantec server e.g. 7.1 to 7.5, or
  • you uninstalled & reinstalled Barcode Essentials Solution, or
  • you see the error 'The Redemption Code you entered could not be found' when activating your purchase.

Migration is the process of activating your device licenses against a new Server ID. In accordance with the Barcode Essentials License File EULA, your licenses can only be used with one server at a time. 

You must remove the licenses from your old server before they can be activated on your new server.

To migrate your licenses:

Step 1: Have your redemption code available & record the server ID from your old (existing) server.

Step 2: Ensure Barcode Essentials Solution is installed on your new server, and record the server ID of your new server.

Step 3: Fill in and submit the Migration Request form on the right.

Step 4: We will migrate your redemption code and inform you via email (usually within 24 hours).

Step 5: You can then Activate your licenses on your new server, using your original redemption code.

Submit a Migration Request


> To expedite processing, please ensure you provide all details.