How to Deploy

Following activation of your device licenses you'll need to do the following:


  1. Open Barcode Essentials™ Solution on the Symantec Server.
  2. Check that there are enough device licenses available in Barcode Essentials Solution.    
  3. Help your asset team install Barcode Essentials™ on their iOS devices.
              - You can use your current MDM if available, or
              - Send an email to their device with the link to download the app.

Asset Team Users (field personnel)

  1. Install Barcode Essentials™ on your iOS device.
              - Search for the keyword 'Altiris' in App Store on your device (under iPhone apps), or
              - Download the app by clicking the direct link to Barcode Essentials™ in the App Store

  2. Once installed, launch the app.
  3. From the Synchronization Screen:
               - Enter your Symantec Barcode Solution server's address eg. or
               - Login using your Symantec username and password.
               - Select a Sync Profile and synchronize.

  4. Got a question? Contact our customer support team

Working with MDM


If you're already working with a Mobile Device Management solution, there is no need to alter your process for managing the Barcode Essentials application for your iOS devices.

The Barcode Essentials application can easily be included as an approved application (sourced directly at the Apple App Store as a FREE download) for distribution amongst your asset team members with iOS devices.

Please ensure Barcode Essentials Solution is installed on the Symantec Server before attempting to authenticate iOS devices (as listed under system requirements). Barcode Essentials solution provides a valuable dashboard for checking license compliance and user connection status.