License Activation

Use your Redemption Code to activate your Barcode Essentials™ licenses. You can choose to activate automatically or manually.

Automatic Activation

Online activation using Barcode Essentials Solution

Note: The server running Symantec Management Platform and Barcode Essentials Solution must be connected to the Internet.

> Launch Barcode Essentials Solution, click Import or Redeem. Follow the on screen instructions.

> Barcode Essentials Solution will connect to our central licensing server and activate your license.

Manual Activation

For servers running Barcode Essentials Solution without Internet access, redeem your license manually on this page, then import the license file generated into Barcode Essentials Solution.

> Click here to activate manually.

> Enter your redemption code and Server ID. Server ID is available on Barcode Essentials Solution > License Usage after it is installed.

> Download or e-mail your license file and copy it to the server running Barcode Essentials Solution.

> Import your license file into the Barcode Essentials Solution.

What are Redemption Codes?

A Redemption Code is the 20 digit code (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) issued to you for each paid order of Barcode Essentials™ device licenses.


What is a Server ID?

The Barcode Essentials unique 36 digit identifier for the server. Launch Barcode Essentials Solution and identify the Server ID.

Barcode Essentials Solution is free to download and install.


What is a License File?

A License File is a coded binary file containing the device licenses relating to your purchase. It is a way to transfer license information manually to your server running Barcode Essentials Solution, or back up your license information in the event you need to re-install Barcode Essentials Solution