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Video Tutorials


Discover Barcode Essentials and get your asset team moving.



 Barcode Essentials Features and Licensing


 • Why organizations should care about fixed asset management

 • How Barcode Essentials Licensing works


Video 1: Getting Started

Demonstrates Barcode Essentials and Symantec Barcode Solution, from out-of-the-box configuration through to synchronization.

 • Where to begin with Fixed Asset Management at the Symantec server

 • Basic Asset Solution & Barcode Solution setup

 • Synchronizing asset data from the server to iPhone using Barcode Essentials


Video 2: Enrolling Fixed Assets using Receiving

Demonstrates enrolling fixed assets in a common office environment, by setting details, scanning barcodes and synchronizing wirelessly with the Symantec server.

 • Using the Receiving workflow in Barcode Essentials

 • Synchronizing Asset Data to the Symantec Barcode server

 • Approving uploaded Asset Batches using Barcode Solution at the Symantec Management


Video 3: Looking Up Fixed Assets using Search

Demonstrates how to Search for asset records when only partial asset information is available, by combining preset filters and direct scanning options.

 • Focuses on the Search workflow in Barcode Essentials


Video 4: Updating Multiple Assets using Quick Scan

Demonstrates how to update bulk asset records using the Quick Scan process of 'set and scan'.            


 • Using the Quick Scan workflow on Barcode Essentials

 • Validating changes using Search or Asset Scan workflows

 • Synchronizing Asset Data to the Symantec server

 • Approving updated Asset Batches using Barcode Solution at the Symantec Management Console