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Cordless Barcode Scanning with Bluetooth


What is cordless scanning?

Cordless barcode scanning involves using another device (cordless scanner) to scan
 and share information with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via a Bluetooth connection. 

To understand what might be best for your needs let's first have a look at the two different types of scanners available.

Why use cordless scanning?


Rapid or repetitive scanning

Cordless scanners read and process barcodes faster than the built-in camera

Damaged or hard-to-read barcodes

Error correction and scanning tolerance is greatly improved with dedicated scanning hardware

Poor lighting conditions
e.g. warehouse or stock room

Cordless scanners use built-in LEDs or laser light so don’t need ambient light to work

In awkward or hard-to-reach places

Anywhere that cameras can’t fit or where focusing is difficult

Extended symbologies

Cordless scanners may support a wider range of barcode types (symbologies) than the camera

Where can I get a cordless scanner?


Cordless barcode scanning involves using another device (cordless scanner) to scan
and share information with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via a Bluetooth connection.


Natively integrated Socket CHS 7Ci (for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)

Locate your closest reseller
Authorized Socket Mobile Service Center



Wedge Bluetooth Scanners

Keyboard wedge scanners for iPhone


Natively integrated scanners:


A natively integrated scanner is one the application is specifically coded to support, which means it knows about the device and contains custom logic to leverage all available functions and features.

At present Barcode Essentials natively supports the 7Ci Cordless Hand held Scanner (CHS) from Socket Mobile Inc.
To use the Socket 7Ci CHS follow the instructions in the
Info > Scanning Options screen of Barcode Essentials:

  1. Scan the SPP mode barcode – to put the 7Ci into native mode.
  2. Pair the device with Bluetooth as normal.

Barcode Essentials will then receive barcodes from both the Socket 7Ci scanner and the built-in device camera simultaneously – without needing to change modes or configuration. It can also receive barcodes scanned by the 7Ci without needing to focus specific fields – very useful for Quick Scan flows and pickers.

Keyboard wedge scanners:


Other cordless scanners can still be used even if an app doesn’t support them natively, as long as the scanners can  operate in “keyboard wedge” mode.
In wedge mode, barcode data is sent to the app just as if the user had typed in the barcode’s character sequence with the keyboard. The app can’t tell where the characters came from – scanner or keyboard – so the user has to be careful to focus the correct field and ensure the cursor is in the right position before scanning any barcodes, so the data gets placed correctly.

Many scanners work in keyboard wedge mode without any additional configuration or driver installation, but check with the manufacturer about special requirements steps when purchasing a device.



Barcode Scanning with the Built-in Camera


Fast and accurate scanning for the most utilised barcode symbologies on the market.

Built-in camera scanning supports the following symbologies.











Code 128


Code 39


ITF (2 of 5)




EAN 5 and 2


GS1 Databar


Code 93