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Barcode Essentials™ Solution

Barcode Essentials Solution is a free component that should be installed on your Symantec server. It is used to host your paid device licenses for wireless upload.

Note: Requires SMP 7.1 SP1 or higher.

File Type: Windows Installer (MSI)
Released: 17 Dec 2013
File Size: 6.31 MB (6,620,239 bytes)
NEW: Supports the new licensing model for Barcode Essentials device licenses, separate to Symantec Barcode Solution licensing.
• Resolves "The data could not be loaded" and "Unable to load the specified item" accessing sync profiles on the console, plus "The server detected invalid data" on the handheld device.
• Resolves SqlException "Invalid object name 'Symantec_CMDB.dbo.Item'" during MSI execution with non-default MSSQL database name.

Barcode Essentials™ app


Barcode Essentials™ app installs directly onto your iOS device. It is available from App Store or you can distribute it using your MDM solution. The unlicensed (free) mode does not allow wireless upload.

From your iPhone:
  Launch App Store
  Search for 'Altiris'
  Install the app

License File


To use wireless upload, each device requires a device license. You can buy licenses and redeem them in Barcode Essentials Solution directly, or download a License File that embeds your licenses for upload to your server later.


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